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It doesn’t get any easier than this to nip leakage in the bud and boost your sexual responsiveness. 


Our Mini Lift Package: 

22,000 Kegels delivered effortlessly in two sessions while you sit, fully clothed, on our Emsella treatment chair.


With only two sessions of less than 30 minutes each, our Mini Lift package is designed for those who are just starting to notice issues in these areas.


The condition of your pelvic floor and its neuromuscular connections have a huge impact on bladder control and sexual function. If you want to be your best self in both those areas, you need to be proactive about it. 


Just like you are for other parts of your body.


Tired of trying to do enough Kegels to have an effect? Say goodbye to those and hello to this.


You also get a full consultation about the state of your bladder and sexual function, and lots of sound advice for staying ahead of it all. At just $600 +HST, it’s a great way to keep your pelvic zone in top shape before it requires more costly treatment and a bigger time commitment. 


The full Emsella treatment versus the Mini Lift


The Mini Lift is not appropriate for those with significant bladder control issues, prolapse, or a very weak pelvic floor. For those you need our full, 6-treatment Emsella protocol in order to achieve the critical mass of cellular change required to resolve those issues. 


The full package also gives you our bladder retraining program, and access to bonus sessions and specially priced maintenance packages for continuing care. So if your problems have been hanging around for awhile - and getting worse - the Mini Lift won’t be enough.


It’s just like facial treatments; the more entrenched your wrinkles, the more treatments you’re going to need to rebuild the cells at the root of it all. 


Not sure which one is right for you? Give me a call at 902-225-8366 and we can quickly assess which one will work best for you.


Looking forward to speaking with you -


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