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How many treatments are needed?


A course of 6-8 treatments, 2 treatments per week for optimal results. Recommended for:

  • Back pain

  • Sport related injuries

  • Arthritic pain

  • Fibromyalgia syndrome

For optimal results we recommend pairing with our Acupuncture & LED BIOMAX RedLight Therapy Sessions for pain.





Traditionally, prescription medication has been used to manage pain. However, many pain medications come with the inherent risk of addiction and dependency as well as a number of unpleasant side effects. Luckily, as a result of the advanced technology utilized by the Fotona SP Dynamis laser, there is a new way to treat and manage pain, without the use of medication. If you are looking for a natural and effective alternative to pain medication, our Fotona Laser treatment may help you!  This treatment is particularly effective for those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sports related injuries and is suitable for both men and women suffering from chronic pain. We understand the significant impact that chronic pain can have on an individual and are here to support our patients by safely and effectively minimizing their pain.

There are studies to determine why laser therapy is so effective for pain management, some researchers believe that lasers help reduce inflammation due to the way they change cell function. In addition, every time an injury is sustained, the energy flow to that area is disrupted. Laser therapy stimulates blood flow and the cells in the area of pain, thereby restoring the body by reenergizing the area.

The Fotona SP Dynamis laser, is equipped with special settings that apply heat deep into the skin and muscle tissue. This heat is able to penetrate right down to the bones and surrounding connective tissue, while leaving the surface of the skin cooler than the deeper layers. The heat works by loosening up the targeted tissues, allowing the lymphatic fluid to flow more easily and detoxify the area. This, in turn, works by reducing swelling, alleviating tension and pain. The heat also helps to stimulate the creation of connective tissues, thereby strengthening the treatment area.

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