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One of our favourite things about the services we do is watching the process come together for clients.  Seeing the changes happening with each service, as we see the skin becoming healthier, firmer, brighter.  The brows taking shape and the happiness that we see in our clients when we can help them with their concerns.  It is the greatest reward of our job!  


Before and after pictures are so important as we tend to forget where we started, with gradual changes along the way we start to get used to our new improved self.  We sometimes focus so much on wanting instant results that we get frustrated with the process.  We need to remind ourselves that healing and rebuilding take time and patience, but it will pay off.  Just like going to the gym, when we start eating healthy and working out, we do not notice instant results but if we are consistent, after a year there will be quite a difference!


We take care of our children, our pets, our homes, cars but often neglect ourselves. We feel vain or selfish if we spend money or time to relax or on self improvement.  We need to put more energy in the one that stares back at us as we look in the mirror.  Our skin and bodies are the first thing that starts to show our age, our stress, how tired we all are.  Our treatments are here to help you look refreshed, to make you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally..  When we feel well we feel confident, we are happier, we exude positive energy and our focus can then go to other things that we enjoy.


When starting a treatment plan please take the following into consideration:   Any treatment that you begin is a process. Treatments take time to see results as the tissue needs time to be stimulated so that it can start to heal, repair, regrow and rebuild.    I always say its like baking a cake, the instructions say that the cake needs to bake for 60min.  but we want to eat it sooner, so we take it out after 20min and then we are disappointed that it is not ready.  It's the same with our skin, our muscles, our health.  You can not have ONE treatment and then give up because you didn't get the results that you wanted.


When we are discussing a treatment plan and recommending to start with a series, it is important to stick with it, be consistent, do the home care required.  That is what will give you results.


Our advice is to trust the process, be patient, don't be too hard on yourself and embrace this time as you learn to take care of YOU!

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